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Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0   Leave a comment

Again a new piece i found fascinating around the issue of earphone’s, what would you do if i didn’t post this ehh? you would have to find the original article, and the chances you found it would be slim, so deem yourself lucky that i’ve shared this wonderful piece with you.

From a visual design perspective, the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0 might be one of my favorite portable Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested. I’m a sucker for geometric designs, I suppose. Unfortunately, the Turtle Shell doesn’t quite live up to its $129.95 (direct) price in terms of audio performance. On tracks with deep bass, there are significant distortion issues. If you don’t listen to music with deep low-end, you’re probably safe from the distortion, and the Turtle Shell can get quite loud for its modest size, delivering crisp audio that can fill a room. At the lower end of this price range, however, there are Bluetooth speakers that don’t suffer from distortion and therefore make the Turtle Shell seem pricier than need be.

The measurements for the Turtle Shell are 2.1 by 5.6 by 3.9 inches (HWD), but that doesn’t really help describe the intriguing contour of the 0.7-pound speaker. The angular top panel, all triangles jutting out in a pleasing geometric pattern, reminds me of the Batmobile in the Dark Knight movies. Our model was all black, with a rubberized surface that is IPX-65 dust-proof and water resistant; the speaker is also offered in seven other colors, including orange, white, and purple.

Two drivers are situated beneath the speaker grille, facing upward, and a passive bass radiator is situated on the bottom panel. Along the side panels are Play/Pause/Pairing controls, as well as track navigation buttons that double as volume controls depending on how long you hold them down for. There’s also a Power switch, a covered panel that houses a USB jack for charging via the included cable (there’s no dedicated power adapter, however), and a 3.5mm auxiliary input. A built-in mic is included for fielding calls from your mobile device wirelessly. The lower panel also has a loop for lanyards and carabiner. A white carrying pouch and a 3.5mm audio cable for the aux input are included. Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0 inline

The pairing process with an iPhone 5s was simple and quick, and Outdoor Technology claims you get a battery life of 16 hours, but results will vary on your usage—most specifically, how loud you play your audio back.

On tracks with serious sub-bass content, like the Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the Turtle Shell has some problems—even at fairly moderate levels, the bass distorts to a quite noticeable degree. At top volumes on both the speaker and the sound source—in this case, an iPhone 5s—things can get quite ugly. On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the distortion was not quite as intense, but it was noticeable enough to be an annoyance. That said, the Turtle Shell can also get quite loud for its size, and if you avoid tracks with deep bass, the results are much better.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” which doesn’t have too much in the way of powerful bass, sounds crisp and clear at moderate-to-high volumes, with the bass radiator adding a bit of richness to his baritone vocals. At maximum volume, his vocals even start to distort slightly, but it’s far less noticeable than the previous examples we discussed—and at just a hair below max volume, the distortion disappears and we get a bright response with decent presence in the lows and mids.

Classical tracks, like John Adams’ “The Chairman Dances,” don’t come close to distorting, but also don’t get terribly loud—even when the volume on both sound source and speaker are maxed out. The general sound here is a bit thin—a focus on the high-mids and mids allows the higher register strings to take center-stage, but the lower register strings and percussion are more or less buried in the mix.

If you’re looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t distort in this price range, our favorite option, the Panasonic SC-NT10, may not look as cool, but costs significantly less. If you can spend a bit more money, not only will the Bose SoundLink Mini provide distortion-free audio, but you’ll get a heftier bass presence. Finally, if you’re just looking for a cheap, tiny, portable Bluetooth speaker, the Boom Movement Swimmer has some of the same water-resistant attributes of the Turtle Shell, while the 808 Audio Canz Wireless Speaker is one of the least expensive speakers we can recommend without cringing. At $130, the Outdoor Technology Turtle is primarily about its physical design—it looks very cool, it’s fairly rugged and easy to pack away. Its audio performance is not terribly strong, however, and the price feels a bit high for what you get.

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What Does a Live Performer Hear in their Earpiece Whilst Performing? Asked by Ahmed from Nottingham   Leave a comment

So i found this article on the internet and i heard that just posting it like a whole article isn’t a good thing, I got permission from the original author and read up ways to curate content, so that is it…….i thought this was fascinating as it highlights some of the highs and lows that I encountered when i was working inside the industry.

Hi Ahmed,

I’ve been in a few bands myself, but none of them ever got big enough to warrant anything as extravagant as an earpiece, so I can’t answer your question from personal experience.

I do remember doing one gig where the guy in charge of the mix (who’d made his name mixing for a very famous David Coverdale-fronted 80’s rock band) flat-out refused to let us do a soundcheck, assuming that all the bands featured on the show, no matter what style of music they played, could all be mixed the same way. Maybe that’s the reason that particular David Coverdale-fronted 80’s rock band never made it into my record collection…But, whatever, I digress…

For performers more successful than I, it’s usually a monitor mix that comes through the earpiece. This mix is created with the individual performer in mind (meaning that their own contributions are placed higher or lower in the mix, depending on their personal preference).

Of course, with arena gigs being what they are these days, it is vital for musicians to sound the part, which must be difficult if you’re trying to carry a tune with 50,000 people screaming in your face. Large gigs are huge events as well as big business, so mistakes can’t really be tolerated at that level anymore. As a result, earpieces help the band to play together, stay in time, stay in tune and deliver a good show, every single night of the tour. At least, that’s the theory.

As to what they hear exactly, well, I would imagine that it differs from performer to performer because, as I said, each mix is individually tailored to the musician in question.

The example I found on Quora had it that vocalists tend to like their own voice to be kept high in the mix, ostensibly so that they can hear themselves well. However, if you’ve ever been in a band, you’ll suspect, as I have come to, that it is actually to reinforce the fact in their own drug-addled minds that they are the greatest thing in the known universe and that nobody else in the band (especially the drummer) would be anywhere without their naval-gazing lyrics, constant, budgie-like preening and onstage showboating.

…I was a singer, by the way.

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Amplified Cordless Headphones – State Of The Art Technology   Leave a comment

headphonesWow. The new earpiece is spectacular. I mean it’s just so stunning so highly developed. I pity people who grew up without the radio earpiece.

It can be frustrating for people not to be able to enjoy the sense of hearing they once only took for granted. This could be a result of an accident or a more serious illness. Whatever the cause, it can be disheartening to deal with life having to lose something that used to be so basic. This kind of problem is usually heightened when the person uses the telephone which can distort sound or cause other electronic changes in the sound waves, making it even harder to sustain a conversation. If you’re in this boat, you can either choose to be problematic for life or you can manage the situation with a simple Clarity amplified cordless phone.

You don’t have to worry about looking strange when you wear them. This phone can be just as stylish as any cordless phone on the lot but it has the unusual capability of amplifying sound by up to 30 decibels – just enough to make your telephone conversations convenient. This kind of technology was made to allow those who have difficulty in hearing to adjust the volume level to fit their needs. Although it looks no different from any cordless phone you may have used before, it is definitely more powerful.

But power is not all there is to this phone. You will learn to appreciate and value its functionality and usefulness when you use it. Just like any other cordless phone you’ll find, you get to enjoy many other features such as an ergonomic housing that makes sure you get to use your phone and be comfortable with it, a caller ID and bright visual ringers which work great if you’re spending a lazy Friday evening immersed in your favorite author’s latest bestseller. With this kind of phone, you can avoid missing calls because it has visual ringers to allow the user to see incoming calls when the room that they are in has so much noise.

Clarity amplified cordless phones can be useful not only for people who have hearing problems but also for those who call them. When everything is smooth and well heard, it puts less stress on both ends of the line and people just enjoy the conversation more naturally. These phones are also great as gifts for family members who have hearing problems, particularly those who don’t like the thought of wearing hearing aids.

Amplified phones, also known as hearing impaired phones, are some of the most useful technologies invented in this century.

A Plantronics headset or Plantronics wireless headset are just two examples of these cutting edge technology. You can get them just by browsing online and finding a site you can trust.

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The Different Types of Two Way Radio   Leave a comment

Can not get over how economical the earpiece is, an amazing deal for a top-end product!

A two way radio is also known as a transceiver. These radios are used for both for sending and receiving data or signals. These radios can either work on analog technology or a digital technology. When analog technology is used in these radios, the transmission can be done clearly even for very weak signals. However, in analog technology, only one thing can be done at any given time i.e.
data can either be vent or received. When digital technology is used, data can be sent and received simultaneously and also more data can be sent.

Two way radios come in two styles. These are duplex and simplex styles. In the simplex radio, only one channel can be used at any instance of time. This means that only one person can send data at a time. The most popular type of a simplex radio is the walkie talkie.
The duplex radio is the one in which different channels are used for transmission of data. This means that any given time, the use can both send and receive data but using two different channels.
The two way radios are generally of two types. These are Family Radio service, FRS, and General Mobile Radio service, GMRS. The family radio service is mainly used as a personal radio that facilitates two way communications. The range within which these radios can operate is two miles.

These two way radios operate on very low frequencies that allow people in close proximity to communicate with each other. These radios are not suitable for a long range communication. These radios also have special bands on which they operate and are not so powerful that they can be used on a daily basis.
In addition, these radios operate the best in a line of sight. These radios cannot operate very effectively when there is an obstruction or the terrain is not plain. These types of radios cannot work well in mountains. The family radio service radios are very affordable as they mainly cater to the needs of the families.

They also have features best suited for personal needs.
The general mobile radio service radios are fast replacing the family radio service. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the general mobile radio service radios can be effectively used for communication over long ranges. These can operate within a range of 20 miles.
These radios also operate the best when there are no obstructions and the terrain is plain. These two way radios cannot be efficiently used in hilly areas. These radios are very powerful and are best suited for use in military organizations. These types of radios are expensive and a user also requires a license to operate these radios.

These radios come with a lot of features. Most of these radios these days have a feature that tells about the weather. These also have features that can be used for navigation purposes. These 2 way radios are generally hand held and easy and convenient to use and operate.

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Bluetooth Earpieces For Your Cell Phone   Leave a comment

You can be safe in the wisdom that I bring the top earpiece articles, a number of which are my own some of them are curated by me, when i decide to use someone elses articles it is because it’s relevant to my readership, so feel confident you are reading the best from my industry.

There are so many accessories you can choose for your cell phone, but have you ever wondered which ones are really necessities and which ones are only money wastes? Even though there are so many choices available there are really only a few essentials that will improve your overall time spent on your phone. Items such as sound speakers and color skins are nothing more than novelties. If you want to find out about the most useful cell phone accessories, then keep reading this short article.

One cool accessory if you want great sound, and the ability to talk on your phone hands free are the Bluetooth earpieces. You can use the mic that is built into these headphones whenever you answer the phone.

Hands free talking can be very useful, and in many cases safer, as when you’re driving. For safety reasons, it’s a legal requirement in some states to use Bluetooth earpieces if you are driving and talking on the phone at the same time.

There are many uses for quality Bluetooth earpieces with a cell phone of any kind. These include music, watching videos or listening to books you have downloaded. Earpieces enable you to listen to your phone conversation or hear your music or video while blocking the sounds around you. These are truly are a must if you want the convenience of quality, hands free sound with your phone.

Even if you are in the house and really not that busy, but you are talking to someone for a long time, Bluetooth earpieces let you walk around or just lounge without the need for holding a phone a to your ear for a long period of time. Imagine being at work in your office, and needing to file paper work or sign a memo. Talking to your client will not be hampered by the use of your cell phone Bluetooth. If you are outside, then a earpiece will be great for that, as well. When it comes to convenient cell phone accessories, the wireless earpiece is one of the first things you should get.

Cell phones are getting to be necessities for many people, and along with this many cell phone accessories are also needed. Before you buy every gadget that is advertised, however, make sure you really need it and that it will work with your particular phone.

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How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?   Leave a comment

This short article is posted with the strict consent of, which is the original website. please get permission from that blog before reposting this piece of writing.

audioNoise cancelling headphones are useful to block out noise in noisy environments like trains, buses, and public places.

The technical theory that is worked out is that this device copies the sound waves from outside and then they make these sound waves go out of phase. It can be also compared to that of swimming upstream. If a river’s downstream current is directly proportionate to your upstream swimming strength, then you stay still.

In this case, the device stays quiet!

There are two models of noise cancelling headphones. Over-the -head headphones are a little larger and less compact but the Earbud headphones are compact and can be carried around in your pocket.

There are two types of headphones designed to reduce the interference of the noise that is created in the background. They are the passive noise canceling headphones and the active noise cancelling headphones. Passive noise cancelling headphones work on the theory of muffling the external noise or sound to lessen the interference with music or recorded speech.

Active noise cancelling headphones on the other hand, electronically decrease the external sound and produce a quiet and calm listening environment.

Passive headphones essentially utilize the muffling characteristics that are provided by circum- aural headphones. It is designed like a cup with the rim surrounding the ear. The rim constitutes of high- density foam and sound dampening material. It is soft and doesn’t hurt the ears and it creates an acoustic seal that has the capacity to block 20 decibels of noise.

Active noise cancelling headphones are a more advanced version and have the potential to reduce 20 decibels more noise reduction than the passive model. It uses the phase cancelling technology in its working. This is the main key feature of this model. It works by using a microphone to pick out the external noise which the circum- aural cushions are unable to prevent or block out.

The frequency and the intensity of the external noise are analyzed by the phase canceling circuit and it generates a mirror image of the noise. The noise created is 180 degrees out of phase.

The speaker of the headphones plays the anti-noise along with the music or recorded speech. The artificially generated anti-noise is exactly the opposite of the external noise that has entered the device and so when the two noises meet they cancel out each other. The end result is that the volume of the external noise becomes extinct and the audio you are listening to becomes very clear and audible.

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Bluetooth headset is the invention of the century   Leave a comment

Boy. The newest radio accessory is out of this world. I mean it is just so gorgeous and so sophisticated. I pity individuals who grew up without the earpiece.

headphonesBluetooth technology makes it easy to transfer speech between a mobile phone in addition to a headset, a mobile phone in addition to a computer or images from a digital video camera to a PC.
When you use a Bluetooth headset, it is important with the intention of it is paired between the sender in addition to the listener. On behalf of this the equipment should recognize each other in addition to be accessed in the midst of  the same number/pin code. This process makes it easy on behalf of Bluetooth headset being able to hear your phone conversations or receive your data on pocket PC.

The range of Bluetooth headsets is 10m.
Some time back Apple launched on behalf of its iPhone a basic headset in the midst of  no A2DP. However, on behalf of this reason only, the headset was discontinued. Bluetooth headsets, one of the latest gadgets in the list of mobiles in addition to iPods are one of the most sought after things.
Plain in addition to placid, these gadgets have become superlative in each in addition to every sense. Like the Iqua SUN the first solar powered headset in the world. In the midst of  photovoltaic cell, it’s a great headset. To categorize Bluetooth headsets come as wireless Bluetooth headset, bluetooth stereo headset, bluetooth VOIP headset.

Bluetooth technology makes it easy to transfer speech between a mobile phone in addition to a headset, a mobile phone in addition to a computer or images from a digital video camera to a PC. When you use Bluetooth headsets, it is important with the intention of it is paired between the sender in addition to the listener.
On behalf of this the equipment should recognize each other in addition to be accessed in the midst of  the same number/pin code. This process makes it easy on behalf of Bluetooth headset being able to hear your phone conversations or receive your data on pocket PC.

The range of Bluetooth headsets is 10m.
Bluetooth headsets are manufactured by different companies like iqua, jabra, nokia, Motorola, Plantronics in addition to likewise. One has to make a choice from the ones available in the market. On behalf of this a basic idea of what a Bluetooth headset is in addition to which kind of Bluetooth headsets suits you should buy is a big question.
The most suitable one would be of the company whose mobile phone you are using. Most of the branded companies do make Bluetooth Headset on behalf of their specific headsets.

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