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Google buses have security guards
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Google employees might be feeling a little more secure about their morning commute.

Reuters is reporting that two men with earpieces may be providing security services for the tech giantís corporate shuttle buses. The men were spotted on two consecutive days near a Google bus stop in San Franciscoís Mission District.

Reuters described their behavior: Dressed casually in jeans and wearing black ski hats or hoods, the two men did not stand out from the dozens of other young tech workers waiting for the Google bus. On close inspection, each sported the curly wire of an earpiece, and one occasionally jotted notes down on a yellow stick-it pad.

The men did not board a shuttle, according to the report. When asked about their presence, one of the men requested a badge from the Reuters reporter, while the other denied working as a security guard for Google.

This news comes weeks after shuttle buses were stopped in Oakland and San Francisco by protesters angry over tech-boom gentrification. Activists shattered a window and slashed the tires of one bus in Oakland, which was stopped near the West Oakland BART station.

Shuttle operators will soon be charged to use public bus stops to pick up employees. The fee will be $1 per day per stop.

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