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Why do Cops Still use Only Motorola Walkie-Talkies for Communication?   Leave a comment

With a lot information on the internet about radio accessory’s it can be hard to discover the top and most candid information. here is a piece from a good site that i believe as true, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

OK, you said ‘cops’ which isn’t a word we generally use here in the UK. We Brits traditionally tend to refer, politely, to our ‘boys in blue’ as ‘bobbies’ or ‘the old bill’.

Anyway, given that, I’m going to assume that you’re asking about the American police and their longstanding partnership with the Motorola Corporation. OK, here goes…

According to Motorola’s official website,

“Law enforcement communications and police communications are essential assets to the safety and security initiatives in any community. Advancing police communications allow law enforcement to be more mobile and more rapidly respond to issues. Motorola offers an extensive product line to enhance law enforcement communications with less paperwork and faster, highly reliable performance”.

Motorola manufactured car radios as early as the 1920’s and US police and the fire brigade used a few of these, but it wasn’t until 1930 that the first police car radio was designed and built by Motorola. According to the official website,

“Sales of Motorola police radios began in November 1930. Among the first customers (all in the U.S. state of Illinois) were the Village of River Forest; Village of Bellwood Police Department; City of Evanston Police; Illinois State Highway Police; and Cook County Police in the Chicago area. As more police departments used radios, challenges emerged. Rough roads, engine noises, interference, high power consumption, and frequency instability led Paul Galvin to recognize that police departments needed a radio specifically engineered for patrol cars”.

In 1936, the Motorola Police Cruiser Radio was released. It was a success and Motorola have been a trusted brand by US Police ever since. In 1939, engineer Don Mitchell created the Mobile T6920 AM Transmitter. It was another success, becoming a logical choice for the police because,
“This complete Motorola two-way radio system was priced about one-fourth as much as the competition’s, and the transmitters could be installed in cars that already had receivers in the same frequency band. In 1940 the Police Department in Bowling Green, Kentucky, became the first customer for a complete Motorola AM two-way radio system. The radios were so well-designed that Galvin Manufacturing produced the same models for several years, until FM technology replaced them in the 1940s”.

Clearly, the US police have a long and fruitful relationship with the Motorola Company. This obviously applies to walkie-talkies as well. It makes good sense to employ a trusted, easy to use brand for successive generations of officers, who often have to respond swiftly and instinctively to various problems.
The first police to use two-way radios were actually Australian, but following the Second World War, mobile radios became standard issue in most first world countries.

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Wireless Earphones, are they of great benefit?   Leave a comment

audioSome of these trained writers on the net are at such a high level that i wonder if any of them have ever written a paperback? well occasionally i like to highlight these brilliant articles and heres one i found remarkable the other day.

Hi and welcome to the modern group of replies to those earpiece inquiries. Ever desired to learn about something headphone, earphone or receiver related? Now is your chance. Due to the great amount of questions we’re so repeatedly asked, we’ve dipped into our mailbox and picked up the nine most significant (and most often submitted) inquiries. Enjoy.
Oh, by the way, if your query isn’t below, then just mail us an email and come back in a few… you could see it featured within the next series. Cheers.

Weve talked a whole lot concerning going wireless together on the website itself and on that FAQ section, but what does that actually indicate?

We live in an era at odds with itself. On the one hand, the downturn demands when we be tightfisted penny pinchers of that highest order, yet conversely, there is more top range technology on offer currently than at any other time in history. Our mission, then, as the leading customer technology website, is to protect your pockets by ensuring that merely the best products gain our seal of consent. If we attempted to con you into spending your hard-earned on any old garbage, theres an opportunity you may purchase it, but youd never come back, you would notify others not to and slowly, like a chaos butterfly flapping its wings, the fractal ripples of changeability would opened up around the Web and steal from our website of any/all likely customers. So we dont wish to do that. Ergo, we only advise the very best, both regarding performance and price.

The truth about wireless earphones is that these are an progressive and high functioning product virtually right across the board. The overwhelming majority of them are made to an excellent degree indeed. The purchaser reviews, over an assortment of sites, are unanimously good, even from your most demanding of nitpickers, so its secure to say that wireless earphones are the best way forward.

Of course, it’s also true that wireless headsets will set you back a great deal of cash. And, when youre gonna buy a collection, youll want mid range at the very least, to actually get the most out of your acquisition. This presents a problem and its clearly a problem that a great many of you are having since we have received a great deal of post about it.

As forever, the solution lies within the query. Wireless headphones are not expected to switch traditional headsets just yet and also if they do, were not looking at a tech that may make your old headphones obsolete. This really is, at the moment, a conflicting form of tech favoured because of its user friendliness and simplicity. Having no cables to trip over simply makes your life better.

Now, if youre planning on working out or engaging in any form of arduous motion that you really want to engage headsets in, youll unquestionably find wireless headphones to be worth the price, when youre only planning to upgrading your gaming headset or your regular earphones and are not sure about the extra outlay, you can save it for now. Believe us. Wireless headsets make your life less difficult, they work like a charm, in reality, but if you do not need to buy one and cant afford the fare, then our opinion should be to keep your wallet safely in your pouch.

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